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Red Ginseng Benefits for Erection

Erectile-DysfunctionThe Journal of Urology
Korea Ginseng and Tobacco Research Institute
Seoul , South Korea

Red Ginseng ( Red Ginseng ) of Korea in a number of countries in Asia had long been regarded as an aphrodisiac , it seems also effective for overcoming erectile disorders . Similarly, the study results and the University of Ulsan Korea Ginseng and Tobacco Research Institute in Seoul , South Korea , as reported in The Journal of Urology. In his studies , researchers involved 45 men who suffer from erection disorders . The man randomly given 900 milligrams of ginseng fleshy tap or a placebo three times a day . Read more »

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Nutrition and Benefits of Ginseng Tea

Korea Red Ginseng TeaGinseng tea is believed to have many benefits for health . All these benefits derive primarily from the natural chemical in ginseng called ” ginsenosides ” . Ginseng tea believed to have existed since more than 5000 years ago . The ancient Chinese called ‘ Ren Shen ‘ and believed to cure various diseases. At that time, ginseng became so valuable to be able to be changed with silk sometimes even gold. Read more »

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Ginseng and Its Benefits



The Chinese began using ginseng as medicine since 5000 years ago . The Chinese call it as ginseng herbal product that carries the meaning ‘plant man ‘ (Man Plant) since its forms of herbal plants that resemble the human body. Later given the Latin name of ginseng or Panax by which states of scientific botanist. Panax in Latin means a perfect remedy for all diseases (cure all). Derived rather than family Araliaceae Panax and have a tight relationship with Panacea. In addition to the Chinese, people from North America (Native North American) also uses ginseng as medicine. There are many natural ginseng or more recognizable as wild ginseng growing in North America and is known as Panax quiquefolium Read more »